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Positions We Hire For

We Provide Staffing Solutions for a Wide Range of Industries & Skill Sets

Use New Venture Professional Staffing to hire for:

  • B-Level and C-Level Positions
  • Finance
  • Customer Service
  • Supply Chain
  • Administrative Support
  • Accounting   
  • Sales   
  • Project Management  
  • Business Executives
  • Marketing   
  • Human Resources  
  • Data Entry Specialists
  • Engineering
  • Executive Assistant
  • Office Managers

And many others. If you need a qualified, experienced, and highly skilled employee, we will find the best candidate for the job.

Benefits of NVPS

At New Venture Professional Staffing, we value building relationships over everything. That means we will take the time to get to know your business and understand the company culture so that we can ensure we find the best candidate for your organization.

It also means that we build relationships with our candidates. The NVPS team thoroughly pre-screens all candidates to ensure that the candidate is a great fit for your company – and that your company is a great fit for the candidate.

Confidential Search

Protecting Your Confidentiality

When you work with New Venture Professional Staffing, you work with a team that provides staffing for companies across every industry. We know that you may not want to announce a job opening until that job is filled. This can make hiring incredibly tricky.

Our hiring process protects your confidentiality, ensuring that your company name is not advertised on job boards and websites. Instead, we match the candidate’s needs with your company culture, technical requirements, and compensation package. Doing this also streamlines the interview process, which saves you time and money!

New Venture Professional Staffing Helps Companies Recruit Talented Employees in Portland Oregon

How We Make the Best Connections

Interviewing In Person or Virtually

We recognize that there has been a tectonic shift in the way interviews are conducted, and New Venture Professional Staffing is sensitive to this change. Our empathetic staff is fully equipped to conduct meetings and interviews virtually or in person at our on-site interviewing facilities.

Our goal at New Venture Professional Staffing is to connect the best candidates with the right job, which means that we have to understand what the job entails, the company culture, and what your business expects of employees. If it is possible, we prefer to conduct in-person meetings with your hiring manager onsite at your company. This is an opportunity for our team to grasp the culture, team dynamics, and other more ephemeral aspects of the job. From there, we find job seekers who match the position and conduct in-person or virtual interviews to ensure the candidate will be a great fit for your company.

New Venture Professional Staffing Helps Employers Understand the Portland Job Market

Job Market Analysis

Understanding the Job Market

Many businesses are struggling to fill at least one position in this job market. Things have changed significantly for employers in recent years, which means that outdated hiring tactics and processes aren’t going to work in this new market. 

New Venture Professional Staffing has you covered. We understand the job market across a variety of industries and professions, and are able to provide you with an in-depth analysis to help you attract the best talent to your organization and make informed decisions throughout the hiring process.

Going Above and Beyond Your Expectations

Candidate Screening

We Pre-Screen Candidates, So You Don’t Have To

At New Venture Professional Staffing, our job is to take as much of the hiring process off of your plate as possible. That means we will fulfill any customized screening requirements according to your company policies. 

Our standard screening includes an in-depth interview which is conducted virtually or in-person and a background check. During the interview, each candidate is thoughoroly vetted from a technical, behavioral, and culture-fit standpoint. This is all completed before we submit the candidate’s resume for your review. 

Screening information allows you to make the right decision before the full interview process begins. Here at New Venture Professional Staffing, we want to take every opportunity to make your life easier.

Background Checks

All candidates go through a full background check to ensure they fit the criteria for your job opening.

Drug Screens

We are happy to facilitate drug screens to comply with your company policies. However, this is not part of our standard screening process.


Our diligent screening process includes a thorough check of all references listed by the job seeker to provide you with a fully qualified candidate.

Ways You Can Hire

Finding Employees for Direct Hire, Temp To Hire, and Temporary Positions

Most of the companies we work with are looking to hire permanent employees directly; however, we can also fill temp-to-hire and temporary positions. When we fill a role with the right employee, our goal is that this placement will be such a successful match for your company that you will want to keep the employee on staff for the long term. This is why we have created a high-touch process to ensure the best match between candidate and employer.

However, we understand that not all positions are permanently available. When a leave of absence is coming up for a valued employee, or you need an extra manager to handle the busy season, you need to find the right temporary fit for the job. That’s why we offer a variety of employment options from which you can choose.

Direct Hire

New Venture Professional Staffing specializes in direct hire services. If you are looking to hire permanent staff, we are skilled in finding the right match for your open position.

Temp to Hire

Many employers want to try out an employee before hiring them permanently. New Venture Professional Staffing provides temp-to-hire services for businesses looking to find a great fit.


We can help you fill temporary positions with skilled professionals for short or long term assignments. Our goal is to get you such a great match that you’d like to keep them on after the temporary period is over.

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