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Benefits of NVPS

Our goal at New Venture Professional Staffing is to find skilled employees and connect them with the right job. When we work with a job seeker, we don’t just take your resume and pass it on to a company. We establish a relationship with you to ensure that the company, position, and culture will be the right fit for you and will fulfill your expectations.

We are proud of our process, and we provide the following to every applicant:

  • High Touch Service
  • Follow Up Contacts
  • Interview Brief and Debrief
  • Transparent Communication
  • Review of Company Culture
  • Opportunity Outreach

All of this amounts to building a close relationship with you and your potential employer and connecting you to the right job. That is our specialty.

Job Market Analysis

Find Out What the Job Market Looks Like

The job market is incredibly dynamic. It changes constantly depending on many factors. All of the information that influences this market is available, but it can be challenging to put it all together if you have been out of the market for several years, or even a few months. 

Here at New Venture Professional Staffing, we have a deep understanding of the job market and how it influences hiring prospects. As a job seeker, you can utilize our knowledge to make informed career decisions that will profit you as you continue to progress up the ladder. 

We are happy to share our knowledge with you. Get in touch and find out more about the job opportunities that await.

New Venture Professional Staffing Helps Employees Find Great Companies

What to Expect

Virtual and On-Site Interviews

New Venture Professional Staffing has a seamless interview and pre-qualification process for each applicant. Our process ensures that we match you with the best possible employer and job for your skillset and needs. 

This application process includes virtual interviews and, if possible, in-person interviews at our on-site facilities to ensure we capture a complete picture of your needs. Our application process always includes a background check and virtual or in-person interviews. Depending on the employer, it may also include:

  • Drug Testing
  • Skills Testing 
  • Behavioral Testing
  • Referral Verification
  • Safety Testing

All of this is done to make sure we understand your skill level and background so we can find the best fit for you. We don’t just focus on your job skills, however. We also ensure we understand the benefits, compensation, and company culture that works best for you.

Our mission is to create confidence and opportunity by making career connections. That is what our interview and pre-screening process is all about.

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Confidential Search

Protecting Your Privacy

Many highly skilled individuals work in tight-knit industries where moving from one company to another can make waves. At New Venture Professional Staffing, we protect your privacy and that of your potential employer during the initial stages of your interviewing process. This allows you to keep your job search confidential until you feel comfortable discussing it more openly. It also allows employers to find a perfect fit for their job opening without announcing publicly that they are hiring. 

Our confidential job search policy also ensures that you can be perfectly candid with us during the interview process. This is vital as  our process is high touch, which means we follow up after interviews, discuss red flags, and ensure we understand your needs. Our goal at the end of this process is to help you progress  in your career – and we want you to be happy with your new venture. 

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